Blackwater Rescue Squad Volunteer Greg Smith & Family hope to move into their Renovated Home by Christmas

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As a United States Navy Fire Control Chief and an Emergency Medical Pre-Hospital Care Provider with the Blackwater Volunteer Rescue Squad, Greg Smith has helped many people in need.

In 2008, this all changed when the Smith family needed help after the family discovered toxic mold while renovating their home, causing serious medical problems for the kids and forcing the family out of their own home.

Greg Smith Famijly

Smith Family-Spring 2010 Edition of the Rescue Lines

Since 2010 the Smith family have been living in a camper on the property while the house has gone through a major rebuild.

But that is all about to change.

Thanks to the help the Smith family received from local vendors and individuals, they hope to move into their renovated home by Christmas.

To learn more about the regional businesses  lending a helping hand to the Smith family and others in need in the Hampton Roads area, click on the Hampton Roads.Com link below.

Hampton Roads.Com-Helping Others Hits Home.

Click on this link to read more about the Smith Family in the Spring 2010 Edition of VB Rescue Lines: Rescue Lines Greg Smith Family

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