Did You Know That VA Beach EMS Offers Free EMT Training As A Combination of Online Instructions & Evening Workshops?

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EMT Intern-Electronically Recording  Patient Information

EMT Intern-Electronically Recording Patient Information

Just a couple of years ago, the Virginia Beach Department of EMS stepped into the world of, “On Line Learning,” offering Emergency Medical Technician training through a hybrid curriculum, combing online instructions with one evening a week technical workshop for 16 weeks.

This was a leap for the VA Beach EMS Training Division. Many of the training staff and volunteer proctors remember the “Old Days” when the EMT course consisted of 2 nights a week along with several weekends at the training center, far beyond todays hybrid 16 week course. Under the previous training curriculum, a new EMT course started every 3 months and we found recruits losing interest waiting for the next class to begin.

Today, we start a new EMT course every other month and EMT students while waiting for their assigned class to begin can start several course modules.

Most of our volunteer recruits today fall in the age group of 18-34 and are clearly tuned into online learning and our graduating success rate and patient skills are awesome.

So, today September 15th, 2018 we recognize NationalOnLineLearningDay.

Did you know that Virginia Beach residency is not a requirement to volunteer with Virginia Beach EMS? Many of our volunteers lives in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth as well as Virginia Beach.

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