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VA Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad Recognizes local businesses for their support to the Volunteers!

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One of the highlights at the end of each calendar year for the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad is to acknowledge the many local businesses supporting the volunteers. Many of the businesses are restaurants or specialize in unique services and provide a discount to the volunteer ambulance crews while on duty. At the December rescue…

Automated External Defibrillators in Virginia Beach are Saving Lives. Read the WVEC.Com Report

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Nationally, most cities have a 9-15%, survival rate of cardiac arrest outside the hospital says Virginia Beach PIO-EMS Division Chief Bruce Nedelka. According to Chief Nedelka, Virginia Beach has a 49 percent rate of saving lives with AEDS. AEDS in Virginia Beach Police cars are making a difference.! Read the complete on line story ….

Meet Kathy Budy-Virginia Beach EMS Volunteer-Moulage Artist

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Kathy Budy has worn many volunteer hats in Virginia Beach EMS over the past 18 years or so including; paramedic, Captain of the VB EMS Support Division and moulage artist. Recently Kathy was interviewed in the Virginian Pilot Beacon Newspaper looking back on her pubic service. Several years ago Kathy switched from operational status to…

Virginia Beach EMS Seeking Applicants for VAVRS Sponsored EVOC-Instructors Course

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The Virginia Beach EMS Training Center is seeking applicants interested in earning instructor certification in Emergency Vehicle Operations. If sufficient qualified applicants are received, the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads will travel to Virginia Beach to teach the course. Click on the VB EMS EVOC Instructor Application PDF file below for detailed information. Here…