Virginia Beach EMS Crew Delivers New Borns Twice in One Shift!

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Most EMS Volunteers and Career staff in Virginia Beach never deliver a baby during their career.

Recently Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Volunteers Nick Rice, EMT and Dwayne Morris, Paramedic ran back to back maternity calls delivering two babies.

Nick Rice & Dwayne Morris Rescue 14 Volunteers

What started out as a quiet  12 hour night shift turned pretty exciting at around 3 a.m. when the first maternity call came in to respond across town.

By the time Nick and Dwayne arrived on scene,Virginia Beach Firefighters were delivering the baby, so Nick and Dwayne focused on treating the mother for shock including IV fluids before transporting to Sentara Princess Anne.

The crew made it back to rescue station 14 around 5 a.m. and with only one hour left in their shift they thought they were home free.

They had just laid down when the tones went off for a maternity call just about a block away from the station. Arriving in just a few minutes, Nick and Dwayne were faced with a challenge.

The mother was in active labor on the floor of an extremely small bathroom with only enough room for one medic to fit inside the room with her.

Working together as a team, Nick and Dwayne assisted the mother with the delivery and prepared baby and mother  for transportation to Sentara Princess Anne Hospital.

This was Dwayne’s first involvement in a field delivery but Nick’s fourth!

Nick’s shift may have ended after the second delivery but not his calls to  patients in labor. Three weeks later Nick delivered another baby!

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