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The latest iteration of Nike Free, which launched last week, is 20% more flexible and 3 millimeters lower to ground than the nike free run 5.0, and it's designed to look like the very first version. In order to ease people into the Nike Free 5.0 sensation, Nike created a training protocol to use along with the shoes, which was something that they did when the shoe first launched in 2005. If you think the Free is only for elite-level athletes, you're wrong. Both models come in various colorways to fit your personal style, on and off the tracks.

The latest iteration of the football, rugby and training inspired model features clean black leather base uppers accented by yellow/red neoprene booties and overlays, along with hits of white at the heels. Our runs throughout the month vary in pace, intensity and length. Turn the shoe upside down and you’ll also notice that the midsole now features siping along the bottom and top to increase dorsi and plantar flexion. Engineered for a more natural range of motion, the low-profile midsole allows your foot to further engage with the ground upon each step encouraging your foot to flex and move exactly the way nature intended it – more often, more freely and more naturally.

That means you shouldn't run a marathon in it on day one. Nike experts recommend starting by resetting your foot and wearing the shoe around your house and throughout the day. While a small percentage of people might need a corrective "intervention" from their running shoes, A lot of people benefit from being able to move more naturally — even those who over pronate or supinate. Another feature which sets the new Frees apart from other running shoes is the missing heel curve. It’s really no different than how we’ve been doing it all along. Travel and expenses for the author were provided by Nike for the purpose of writing this article.